Alicia Beeler Villines

Browse around the site, or if you don't have time and need a lawyer RIGHT NOW, contact me.  (816) 551-7089 (call or text).   I'm in downtown Liberty, one block from the courthouse.   The address is 14 S. Main.   Please see the                       page.

The choice of a lawyer is an important matter, and should not be based solely upon advertising. 

(But you already knew that.)

But if the problem already exists, let's solve it. 

You've already signed the papers and you need a lawyer to get the problem solved.  And you need a lawyer who understands this isn't just an abstraction.  It's a real problem with real land, a real structure, real people, and above all, YOU, the client.   Even if the client is an LLC or other entity, the members or partners are real people and this is affecting their lives.   You need a lawyer who is committed to addressing the problem efficiently and puts your interests first.

Many real estate problems arise from misunderstandings.  These can often be prevented by contracts and forms that clearly define each party's duties.  Other issues arise from unintended violations of laws governing real estate.  Having a lawyer's advice about permissible actions and careful drafting and review of the piles of papers that seem to be part and parcel of every real estate transaction can go a long way in saving money in the long run.    Let me create the solution you need so the problem you don't need never exists.

Do you have a Real Estate legal issue?

Or maybe you'd like to prevent one.