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EVICTIONS For Landlords

Prices are for attorney fee only, and do not include court filing fee, sheriff's fee, or any other associated cost.  Other costs vary by county, number & location of defendants, type and difficulty of service.  

  I cannot guarantee any particular result.   

Most of my eviction business has its roots in poorly drafted "Good Enough!" leases.  When you're done looking at this page, please take a look at my Forms page.  A good form won't prevent all problems, but it does prevent the problem of "My lease doesn't say I can't, so I can!"  (be consistently late with rent, move in ten additional residents, leave yard unmowed -- the list goes on.)

More serivces will be added.  This website is a work in progress.  Please feel free to contact me to inquire about the availability of a particular service if you don't see it listed.

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ConsultationFree!  Evening and weekend appointments available.  I'm in beautiful downtown Liberty .  Uncontestested Eviction $150. 

      Includes filing the petition and Motions for service, preparing the Order helping to arrange service, and 

      one court appearance.  

Contested Eviction  $300

         This is a case tried by a judge ("bench trial") and the other party is not represented by an attorney. 

         Price includes all Uncontested Eviction services and also my efforts to convince the court that judgment            should be entered in my client's favor.  Price does not include defense of counterclaims.  

Trial preparation, legal Discovery, andTrial when the opposing party is represented by an attorney  $180 per hour.  

              Includes services for Uncontested and Contested Evictions, plus defense of any counterclaims.

 Preparation of Witness Subpoena.  $30.  Prices doesn't include subpoena service.

Prepandfile Request for Restitution of Possession (Execution) $30              

        Price does notinclude sheriff's fee or other fees or costs.  Please let me clarify:  This Request for Execution is a formal Request that the Sheriff''s Department restore possession of the premises to the Landlord as ordered by the Court. It is not a request that the Tenant be literally executed or killed.